Collaborations and Commissions

Interested in commissioning a personalized map?

Do you want a map that celebrates a particular region or place?  A map that is personalized with important names or dates?  We are excited about the opportunity to create personalized maps for our customers.  Please feel free to reach out to the artist directly or we can help facilitate this process.


Don't see a map you are looking for?

We are looking to expand our collection of maps.  Please contact us and let us know what country or region you would like to see next.  We will get back to you as we expand our collection of artists and maps. 


Are you an artist looking to join the Collaborative?

We are looking to collaborate with artists from around the globe.  Please reach out to us as we continue to expand this collaboration!


Looking for a print in a different size?

We can work with you to order prints in larger or custom sizes.  Please reach out to us directly.